Welcome to SUNWIRHT,

The premium sunglasses brand founded in 2021 by O.C. Wirht, born out of his passion for fashion and music. Pronounced as Sun-worth, we are committed to sustainable and eco-conscious production, using recycled or sustainable materials as much as we can without compromising on the quality and aesthetic of our products.

Our first model, expertly crafted with exquisite Italian handmade craftsmanship, is a testament to our commitment to sophistication and style.

At SUNWIRHT, we strive to make eco-conscious products that look fashionable, so you can make a positive impact on the planet while expressing your unique fashion sense.

Our goal is to create a range of sophisticated sunglasses for the fashion-forward individual, who cares about the environment and values quality and style.

Join us on our mission to save the planet and look fabulous with SUNWIRHT.